Burst cutting

Continuous longitudinal cutting of strip material

With rotary burst cutting, a driven circular knife having a very sharp edge “dives” into a grooved sleeve or directly into the material strip and cuts without a counter-knife.

The burst cutting system solely consists of a razor blade or a circular blade (rotary burst cutting) fixed in a (razor) blade holder.

Low tool cost. Suitable for thin foils. The range of applications is limited.



Circular knife, core cutter type H
Abstech-, Hülsenschneidmesser

With double sided, double bevel, and with or without groove
Standard material groups: LWS, HWS
Special dimensions and special materials on demand

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Grooved cutting sleeve QNB
for rasor blades

Pitch from 1mm on/ Groove width from 0,5 mm on
Standard-pitch 2 / Standard groove width 1

Standard width and tolerance: 50 / 100 (-0,05)
Standard material groups LWS, ALU
Special dimensions and special materials on demand

Dimensions for perforation on demand

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