Slitting System
Pneumatic top knife holder


Order designation: Type POH-15T / POH-20T
TRITON®-Top-knife holder are regulary equipped with:

• complete knife head (suitable for top knife of type ON, OD, OH)

• standard hand guard/knifehead detachable/cutting width from 12 mm

TRITON® Standard accessories: (please order separately!)

• 1 Top knife type ON, OD, OH, OFD, OFH, oder OFN;

dimensions: 105 x 75 x 1,2 mm or 100 x 70 x 1,2mm
• 2 air hoses (540 mm long, PVC) with coupling, other air hose lengths on demand


Mode of operation:
1. Lowering of the knife to its overlap depth (max. pressure: vertrically 6 bar)
2. Lateral offsetting of the knife (max. pressure: transversally 4 bar)


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