Cutting units

Individual customer solutions

Depending on your specific cutting task, we are able to offer you an individually tailored system adaptation for the modernisation, modification, or extension of your cutting unit. Prerequisite for this is an extensive expertise and consultation on site in your company. If desired, we will gladly submit our references.

In brief extracts, here are some examples:


Trimming station:

Pneumatic knife holder and motor-driven bottom knife integrated in a C-type base frame. Simple manual resetting of the strip width - suitable for trimming only.


Complete cutting unit for strip-cutting:

Pneumatic knife holder on dovetail cross-beam or bearing slit rail / linear guiding; manual or semi-automatic positioning; manual or automatic holder clamping (duplex brake).

Bottom knifes are motor-driven or placed onto the knife shaft; as a fixed feature or individually adjustable; manual or semi-automatic positioning; pneumatic expanding shaft.


Positioning and accessories:

Manual positioning or laser-supported positioning with digital indication; programme memory; cross-beams, pneumatic piping and pneumatic control systems.


PDF Download (trimming station)